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Love InshAllah, a book that goes to the heart of Muslim women

Huma Qureshi 

'Life can be a balancing act for a modern Muslim woman, negotiating different cultures and pursuing romance within the confines of her faith.' Photograph: Sean Gallup/Getty Images


Love is in the air, floating under burqas and hijabs. Muslim women are in love. And, you know, doing what lovers do. Wahabi guys, best look away. Now.

Love, InshAllah: The Secret Love Lives of American Muslim Women is a collection of 25 modern Muslim love stories. They aren’t fictional, they are personal accounts of what happens when you meet someone and fall in love – only you can’t really fall in love because a) your parents will go crazy and b) you’ve been told it’s against your religion to fancy someone.

The book, which was officially released in the US on Valentine’s Day (it’s available on Kindle, and will be published in March in the UK), has been compiled by two Muslim women – Ayesha Mattu, a civil rights lawyer, and Nura Maznavi, a human rights consultant. The friends dreamed up the idea five years ago while joking about what a Muslim dating movie – now there’s an idea – would be like. They turned to Facebook to ask American Muslim women, of all backgrounds, to send in their love stories. The ones they liked best made it into the book.

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