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So-called Faith Healers Revealed


Esmael Darman 

We can usually see such scams in Afghanistan, too. Perhaps too often!


How many of you have already met faith healers or watched them perform on stage, or at their own residence in the guise of traditional healers using (or abusing?) faith to manipulate people, deceive them, and make a huge amount of money out of it? It doesn’t matter if you are a Muslim, a Christian, a Jew or somebody from another faith. There are always people who want to abuse people’s faith to become millionaires.

In this interesting documentary “Miracles for Sale” provided with Farsi subtitles, Derren Brown shows how these so-called healers in Christian faith (and this can apply to many other religions, including Islam) use different techniques to impress and deceive their audience and collect large sums of money in the name religion.


Photo from: http://derrenbrown.co.uk 


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Esmael Darman is the editor-in-chief of Rawan Online. He has a master's degree in clinical & counseling psychology.

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