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Course on the Afghan Experience in the US


Esmael Darman 

It is with great pleasure to see that eventually a seminar course on the experience of the Afghan immigrants and diaspora community in the United States will officially open soon at the California State University, East Bay.

According to Dr. Nilofar Sami, the instructor of this seminar course, “despite the importance of Afghanistan in recent world events Afghans remain one of the least studied diaspora communities in the U.S.”

“In this seminar course students will learn about the immigration and resettlement experiences of Afghans in the U.S.  Students will explore the political-historical factors leading to Afghan emigration, and the development of Afghan communities in the U.S.”

Dr. Sami added that by taking this seminar courses, students “will learn about challenges faced by Afghans such as the impact of war trauma on personal and family well-being, the generation gap between some Afghan parents and children, and the discrimination faced by Afghan youth, especially after 9/11.”

For further information, you can download the flyer. If you think your friends may be interested in this course, please spread the word.

Flayer: CSUEB Soc 3999 – course flyer – fall 2013

Photo by http://colleges.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com 


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