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Esmael Darman
M.D., Herat Medical School, Afghanistan
Fulbright Scholar
M.S., Clinical and Counseling Psychology
Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Creator & Administrator, Rawan Online Farsi & English

Esmael Darman, MDEsmael Darman was raised in Kabul and relocated to Herat with his family during the civil war. He graduated from Herat Medical School in 2006 and worked for the pediatric and neuropsychiatry wards of the Herat Regional Hospital in western Afghanistan for more than a year. He simultaneously worked for Herat Mental Health Clinic/Resource from 2007 to 2009. In 2009, he was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to obtain a Master’s degree in Clinical & Counseling Psychology in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

He has published a number of articles on emotional health, mental disorders, and human rights in a number of newspapers and journals in Afghanistan. He has also been a guest speaker at Herat University. His recent article on doctor-patient relationship was published by Pennsylvania Psychologist in Dec 2010. In addition, he has created the first ever website on psychology and mental health for Afghanistan (www.rawanonline.com). He obtained his Master’s degree in Clinical & Counseling Psychology from Chestnut Hill College in August 2011 and has since then appeared on a number of TV shows and radio programs to discuss the mental health of Afghan citizens and the Afghan diaspora communities. He is interested in teaching psychology and providing counseling and training doctors, psychiatric nurses, counselors, and community/social workers.



Dr. Nahid Aziz, PsyD
Associate Professor
American School of Professional Psychology
Argosy University, Washington, DC
Afghanistan Mental Health Workgroup
Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Vice President
Afghan Education for a Better Tomorrow

Nahid Aziz, PsyD

Dr. Nahid Aziz is an Associate Professor at the American School of Professional Psychology (ASPP) at Argosy University, Washington DC. She received Master of Arts degree and a PsyD degree in Clinical Psychology from Alliant International University.  She is the Co-Chair of Afghanistan Mental Health Workgroup at Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), helping Afghanistan’s Ministry of Public Health establish and reconstruct mental health services and develop mental health capacity.

Dr. Aziz was the recipient of the Outstanding Dissertation Award of the Year at Alliant International University. Her dissertation was a clinical manual for mental health professionals treating Afghan immigrant and refugee women. Her works and activities have had a tremendous impact on the Afghan, Muslim and immigrant community in the United States and in Afghanistan.

Dr. Aziz’s research interest is in multicultural issues in clinical psychology, including refugee and immigrant mental health, mental health in conflict and post-conflict regions, and mental health of women in the Islamic and developing countries.

Dr. Aziz served previously as the Assistant Director of Training at ASPP at Argosy University, Washington DC. Prior to joining ASPP, Dr. Aziz served as an adjunct faculty member at Alliant International University and ASPP at Argosy University in Orange County, California. She has published numerous articles and book chapters and frequently appears on international TV and radio talk shows discussing the impacts of acculturative stress on immigrants’ and refugees’ mental health, specifically on Muslims and Afghan immigrants, current mental health condition of Afghans, and Afghan women’s mental health.

She is also the Vice President of a non-profit organization, Afghan Education for A Better Tomorrow, which promotes education and health to the needy Afghans. (www.argosy.edu/colleges/american-school-professional-psychology/Default.aspx | www.samhsa.gov/index.aspx | www.afghaneducation.org)


Dr.  Hamish Darwish
MD, Master in General Medicine (Kabul University)
Specialist in Psychiatry(Afghanistan and India)

Dr. Darwish is also a Clinical Attacment in Adult Psychiatry (London) & DCH in Clinical Hypnosis from ICH (London). He has been a member of the Institute of Clinical Hypnosis(London), a   member of Afghan Academy International, and a member of Association of Afghan Healthcare  Professionals in the UK.



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About Modir

Rawan Online is the first website on psychology and mental health for Afghans covering a wide range of topics related to health and relationships.

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